I am a loyal pseudo-sportsman. Although I am tempted to exercise every day, I have never implemented it. But why should I say that I am faithful, because my equipment is very complete, whether it is clothes or shoes? It’s no exaggeration to say that there are four light metering equipments, but I still can’t close my hand when I meet good things, so I didn’t hesitate to apply. I didn’t expect the results to be unexpected. (Giggle, make me happy. Will ha). In fact, when I talked about sports watches, I had an unforgettable experience. I once had a good watch and followed me to the north, but when I was in a backpack, because of the strap, the watch went silently away from me, so For a long time, I couldn't buy other sports watches anymore, for fear of losing. In fact, to be honest, after I have a watch, I really feel that it is a bit inconvenient to watch the time from the mobile phone. Just know the time when I turn over the wrist, and that feeling is quite refreshing.buy now

I think this strap is very good, it is too hard. Take a closer look at this watch with two holes in a row, so that the strap can be fixed more firmly, and it will not be easy to trip like other brands of buckled straps when moving (also mentioning my sadness) I just lost a sports watch because of that kind of buckle.) Moreover, the strap of this watch is relatively long and is not easy to fall off.

The watch's strap is detachable. Personally, this detachable strap can satisfy the habits of all kinds of scorpions, and can be worn in all directions, not to mention the fact that you don't like the regular strap. Daifa, this strap, whatever you bring, take away, Oye!

As mentioned earlier, the strap of this watch is detachable. After the strap is removed, the charging port of the watch can be seen. This straight-charged charging port can save the portable charging cable or the charging cable from being damaged. The trouble, as long as a charging head or a computer can solve the problem. For example, when you go to work, you can pick up your watch and charge it. After work, you can take your watch like a happy bird, haha! There is also a question about where blood pressure and electrocardiogram come from, and it is also answered here. Please pay attention to the three points behind the watch, two metal pieces and a small light bulb in the middle. The metal piece is the sensor, and the small light bulb will emit green. Light (not afraid of not afraid, normal green light, there is no music here), so the wrist must be close to the back of the watch during monitoring, and prevent green light leakage, the description will be described in detail, please read carefully. Is such a tempting function to start with one piece at a time?

Let's take a look at the packaging of this watch. The packaging can be described as very intentional, but it is still plastic. Look at the name of this watch, blood pressure ECG smart watch, hey, the function is really quite a lot, the name is good, just don't know what is good. The brand, model, and product list are all available. Even the app QR code connected to the mobile phone has several, it is really convenient. The requirements for the mobile phone that is compatible with this watch are also quite wide. As long as it is a normal mobile phone, you can use it. If you don't know the scope of application, you can also take a picture of me. You can also consult the lovely customer service lady.

As the saying goes, there are people who like red, and those who like blue (I don't know which words are often said), so the seller also distributed a blue striped watch band. In order to facilitate a variety of different preferences for friends.

Please look at the official residence, this watch has detailed instructions, pictures and texts, as long as you read carefully, I believe there should be no (preschool children please read and learn with the help of parents). At the same time, this watch also fully considers the purchase needs of foreign friends, the manual actually has an English version! Good Chinese in English can also read the English version directly (still have to study hard, this is a tall watch).

The time font of this watch is very large, and it is still thicker. This is the rhythm of taking off. It’s too easy to understand people. Now people’s eyes are not very easy to use, and they can highlight the key points at once. It’s just too sweet. Just connect your phone with Bluetooth and the watch will automatically adjust the time without manual adjustment. For reasons of space, I will not take photos of this watch one by one, describe the function for everyone to understand. Steps, mileage, calories (yes, that is, the Rocket Girl took away the other kind of calories), in addition to these regular functions, as well as running, blood pressure, heart rate monitoring, so multi-functional, Ou Ye! Finally there is a name display function. This is its own name.

LEM7 4G LET Smart Watch Android 7.1 Smartwatch with Sim Camera Translation tool Fitness Tracker Smartwatch Phone Men Women

Tell everyone a secret, this watch can monitor sleep after connecting to the phone, it is amazing. To be honest, I am the kind of person who has a pillow, but every day I feel sleepy and tired. But I never thought about the relationship between sleep and sleep, and I never doubted that the quality of sleep was poor, but I was afraid after taking the watch monitoring. My sleep quality was poor, and the deep sleep time was very short. Now, I can only admit that I am a bad sleeper. It seems that since then, I have to pay attention to rest and arrange the rest time and manner reasonably.

LEM7 4G LET Smart Watch Android 7.1 Smartwatch with Sim Camera Translation tool Fitness Tracker Smartwatch Phone Men Women

Advantages: I really like the function of this watch to monitor various indicators. Although I am not a poor life indicator, it is very necessary to know my physical condition in real time. And as long as you want to monitor, you can display it on this watch at any time, you can see it without connecting a mobile phone, which is also the convenience of this watch. There is also a more "狠" function, that is, the running function, the function of running the record separately, although I think I may never use it, but I still want to actively recommend it to everyone, this is for friends who like sports. It is really good to say, don't worry that the half-way mobile phone will fall out, so that the athletes can enjoy the running process and the result of the game! This phone's power-saving ability is not bad, basically two or three days, a grid of electricity, or more power-saving, do not have to worry about running half of the power, white run. Finally, let me explain, I am not sure whether this phone is waterproof. Although I wear it to wash my face, it is fine to brush the bowl, but please don’t wear it to swim, otherwise~, oh, I’m afraid the customer service sister Will not be willing to take care of you.

Disadvantages: I have made so many descriptions, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of this watch, but there are a few points to talk to the seller and friends who are ready to buy this product. The first is the strap of this watch. I have just said that this strap is relatively long. It can be said that it is also a strap and a strap, because the wrist is relatively thin (of course, I only have a thin wrist), so the tail will be compared. Long, and this strap is very comfortable and soft, then the problem is, soft things are not good toughness, it is more difficult to pass through a few buckles, you need to use the help of the mouth to go through, the thick wrist friends please ignore This opinion. Another problem is that this is a watch that can monitor sleep. It must be monitored at night. (If you can monitor your sleep on a table, if it is not a problem with this watch, then be careful who is monitoring you. Sleeping), so when the wrist is turned, it will inevitably start the time display function of the watch. It may be that I have not found the shutdown function. If it is not my problem, then please ask the product manufacturer to add a function and solve this problem. problem. The last question is personal problem. Please pay attention to the friends with metal allergy. Because of the intelligent requirements of this watch, two pieces of metal must be closely attached to the wrist to accurately measure the data, so if you wear it for a long time, If you have metal allergies, please pay attention to the relevant personnel. In addition to these problems and nitpicking, this watch is very worth buying.