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Rings for Women 

A couple ring is a ring that expresses your emotional state before being engaged or married. Lovers with a couple ring, the general feelings are very good, lovers hope to pour each other's vows on the ring, love each other is difficult to divide

When the ring is worn on the right hand

 Wearing on the index finger: said that you are in a single body, expecting the advent of love; wearing in the middle finger: indicating that you are looking for a fateful lover; wearing on the ring finger: indicating that you are in love; wearing in the little finger: also has the meaning of single, also represents the elements of fashion .

 Ring worn on the left hand

 Wearing on the index finger: indicating unmarried, there is a willingness to find the other half; wearing on the middle finger: meaning of engagement or love; wearing on the ring finger: indicating that you are married; wearing on the little finger: there is a single meaning, It can also be said to be a symbol of fashion, and it has a nice name called the tail ring.

 In addition, whether the left or right hand, the ring is worn on the thumb, it is a symbol of power and status. From the moral point of view, “I wish you a way to success, your dreams are far away”

Brand: Weihua Model: ZQ190706UY0001
Diamond-encrusted Roman Crown Ring with Adjustable Silver Jewelry Silver Ring..
Brand: Weihua Model: G80 Cross ring
 fashion ring female open diamond cross cross fashion ring personality jewelry silver ladies jewelry wholesale..
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Female gold flower small daisies ring small fresh sun flower ring..
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Happy Double Dolphin Love Adjustable Women's Silver Plated Ring..
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Two in one silver ring female fashion projection custom engraved text personality confession wedding gifts..
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Women's fashion heart-shaped silver ring zircon ring ..
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Women's Heart-Shaped Silver Ring Adjustable Wedding Fashion Zircon Diamond Ring..
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Women's silver plated crown ring European and American fashion diamond ring..
Brand: Weihua Model: ZQ190705PA0003
Women's Silver Ring Love Intertwined Ring of Love Women's Ring..
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