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Women's Jewelry

Today, jewellery has become a part of people's lives, wearing jewellery can better dress up and show their charm. However, there are many kinds of jewellery. The more common ones are precious metal jewellery and gemstone jewellery. Do you know about these jewellery?

Precious metal jewelry knowledge

Precious metal jewellery is the most common and the most worn one. The general precious metal jewellery is gold, silver and platinum. Of course, these three materials and their gold-containing jewellery are also included. Precious metal jewellery is generally priced according to purity and weight. The purity of gold is generally thousands of gold, gold, 22K, 18K, etc., and the purity of silver is three kinds of silver, 925 and 800, and the purity of platinum is sufficient. (Plain Platinum), 950, 900 and 850.

Gemstone jewelry knowledge

Gemstones and jade jewelry are very popular. Gemstones have their own unique materials and unique colors. Common gemstones include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc. Common jade has jade, Hetian jade, jade jade, and Nanyang jade. , Lantian jade, etc., and agate, amber, pearls, etc. belong to organic jade. The price of jade jewelry is not low, which is related to their quality. For diamonds, its price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands and millions, and its quality and weight are cut. Work, clarity and color are related. Other gemstones also have their own price factors. At present, diamond jewelry is the most popular, and the diamond ring in diamond jewelry is very popular among people. For Lewes diamond ring, it is real name custom, meaning "in my name, crown your fingers, lifelong companionship, one life with you "Not only that, Levis, only one person in a lifetime, means that one person loves a lifetime, very romantic and unique."

Model: ZQ190719LP0003
 Astronaut spaceman pendant inlaid with lapis lazuli sapphire necklace  ..
Model: ZQ190719RS0002
Crystal Zircon Jewelry Ladies Birthday Gift Cross Necklace Pendant..
Brand: Weihua Model: ZQ190706UY0001
Diamond-encrusted Roman Crown Ring with Adjustable Silver Jewelry Silver Ring..
Brand: Other Model: ZQ190720JP0001
European and American earrings leopard acetate acrylic sheet U-shaped female earrings..
Brand: Weihua Model: G80 Cross ring
 fashion ring female open diamond cross cross fashion ring personality jewelry silver ladies jewelry wholesale..
Brand: Weihua Model: ZQ190706CZ0002
Female gold flower small daisies ring small fresh sun flower ring..
Brand: Weihua Model: ZQ190705QP0002
Happy Double Dolphin Love Adjustable Women's Silver Plated Ring..
Model: ZQ190719XF0001
Ladies gold plated simple cute deer necklace elk pendant clavicle chain..
Brand: Weihua Model: ZQ190706PO0001
Leaf olive branch female ring adjustable female creative knuckle silver plated jewelry..
Brand: Weihua Model: ZQ190709EN0001
Two in one silver ring female fashion projection custom engraved text personality confession wedding gifts..
Brand: Weihua Model: ZQ190706FZ0002
Women's fashion heart-shaped silver ring zircon ring ..
Brand: Other Model: 56874521kl55
Women's Fashion S925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Adjustable..
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