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Men's ring

The meaning of a man wearing a ring

Although the ring can enhance the elegance of the individual and the unique charm of the decoration, but the meaning of the different wearing of the male ring is also very different. Based on the male left female right,

The moral of the boy wearing a ring on his thumb

This kind of wearing method can now be seen as the elders of the older generation, or some boys who are full of personality, and confident boys are also worn on the thumb (rare in life). However, in ancient times, the aristocrats and merchants often wore their fingers on their thumbs to demonstrate their power, status and wealth.

The meaning of wearing a ring on the index finger of a boy

The index finger of the boy is the finger that guides us. The wearing method is suitable for individuality and cheerfulness, and is engaged in free work. At the same time, it also shows women the meaning of being single, looking for friends or wanting to get married.

The meaning of wearing a ring on the middle finger of a boy

Whether the middle finger of a boy in love is wearing a ring is a girl's concern, because the girl thinks that you have not clearly stated your attitude (then you are in trouble), so the middle finger said that he already has a girlfriend, is not single, not in shape. Tell those pursuers that they are already engaged, please don't provoke me!

The meaning of wearing a ring on a boy's ring finger

The ring finger is called the finger of the Most Holy Spirit and has the most special meaning. On the wedding day, the wedding rings worn by the couple are worn on the ring finger. Moreover, there is a vein link on the ring finger to the heart, which can make the two hearts pass through the wedding ring, and the life after marriage is happy.

The meaning of wearing a ring on a boy's little finger

Boys generally don't wear a ring on their little finger, but they still have to tell everyone the meaning. A boy wearing a ring on his little finger indicates that he is enjoying a single life or has divorced.

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