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masturbators, penis rings, extenders, penis pumps & more men & sex toys. Great prices, free gifts & 100% discreet shipping at J-XX.COM

Brand: DMM Model: 32912359265
 Package included:1 x Masturbator (There are 2 types: Manual type without vibrator, Electric type has vibrator, Please choose them in the color option.) Features:Made from qualified TPE, body-safe material, non-toxic and no smell. ..
Brand: AILIGHTER Model: 33018997684
  2 pcs Men Delay Lock Sperm Fine Male condom Penis Extender Sleeve Erection Enhancer Dick Cock Ring Sex Toys  Intimate Goods  Feature: 1. the delay condom is safe, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable to use. 2. Can be worn on the lower penis to help delay ejac..
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